Architects use 3D maps for a variety of applications such as spatial research, shadow analysis and massing studies.

24 Feb 2023

3D maps show realistic representations of the earth and can be used by architects to design a project and reduce the chance of costly mistakes.

23 Feb 2023

How an architect saved over £250 of additional mapping fees and time on his latest project using MapServe®'s 3D MasterMap®.

13 Feb 2023

How an architect saved over £1500 and 3 weeks on a project using our 3D MasterMap®.

18 Jan 2023

Many services and products are commonly used by architects, and the top 5 can vary depending on the specific needs and preferences of the architect.

06 Jan 2023

An introduction to 3D visualisation and 3D mapping in architecture.

14 Apr 2022