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OS MasterMap® is the Ordnance Survey's most detailed and up-to-date map, covering all manmade and natural features in Great Britain, totaling over 500 million real-world objects. Our user-friendly platform enables users to preview the mapping and download it in seconds. OS MasterMap® is available in a variety of CAD formats, including DWG and DXF, as well as formats such as PDF, PNG, and GML. We also offer a range of optional layers in CAD format including freehold boundaries, building heights, the National Tree Map™ and 1m contours.

Coverage: GB
Formats: CAD (DWG & DXF), GML, PDF, PNG, SHP (please call)
Options: Colour, black & white
Printable scales: 1:100 – 1:10,000
Stated accuracy: Urban +/- 1m, rural +/- 2.5m, moorland / mountain +/- 8m
(CAD only):
‘Standard’ option – up to 20 key layers
‘Pro’ option – up to 67 layers
Projection: OSGB36 geodetic datum using Transverse Mercator projection
Grid: British National Grid
Themes: Buildings, roads, paths, water & natural features
Optional layers (CAD only): 1m contours, building heights, National Tree Map™, freehold boundaries, listed buildings
Licence options: 12 months (other options available on request)
Updates: Every 6 weeks
Delivery: Within seconds of ordering

What is a MasterMap®?
OS MasterMap® is the most detailed and accurate digital map of Great Britain, surveyed by the Ordnance Survey. It features every fixed feature of the land, manmade or physical, that is larger than a few metres.

Can I preview MasterMap® before ordering?
Yes, we offer a free full screen preview before ordering. Other suppliers may charge for this.

How much does MasterMap® cost?
We offer substantially discounted pricing and you can find OS MasterMap®’s price list here.

How often is MasterMap® updated?
It is updated on our site once every 6 weeks.

What formats do you offer MasterMap® in?
CAD formats like DWG and DXF, GML and image formats like PDF and PNG.

What do the colours represent?
Here is a comprehensive key for MasterMap®.

How accurate is MasterMap®?
Here you can find OS MasterMap® accuracy information.

What software do I need to view MasterMap®?
DWG and DXF formats require CAD software (such as Autodesk Viewer or AutoCAD). PDF requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, PNG format uses your computer’s built-in image viewer and GML files require GIS software or similar.

What optional extra layers are there with MasterMap®?
The optional extra layers we offer are 1m contours, building heights, freehold boundaries, the National Tree Map™ and UPRNs. These are only available in CAD format.

Is OS MasterMap® free?
OS MasterMap® is not free as it is a premium and highly detailed mapping product provided by Ordnance Survey. Access to OS MasterMap® often involves licensing and associated costs, as it offers extensive and accurate geographic information used in various professional applications, such as urban planning and architecture.

What is OS MasterMap® topography layer?
It is the most realistic and accurate representation of Britain's landscape, comprising aspects that represent both the manmade and natural environments, such as roads, tracks, and walkways, buildings, water, heritage, structures, administrative boundaries and much more.

What are the themes of OS MasterMap®?
Ordnance Survey MasterMap® encompasses themes such as topography, roads, buildings, land use, water features, greenspaces, administrative boundaries, geographic coordinates, utilities, and elevation data. You can find all OS MasterMap® themes here.

What is OS MasterMap® topography layer with building height attribute?
It is an extension of the OS MasterMap® Topography Layer product. It includes a collection of height attributes for Topographic Area elements with a building theme within the OS MasterMap® Topography Layer.

Read all FAQs here.

MasterMap® DWG and DXF (for CAD)
MasterMap® GML (for GIS)
MasterMap® PDF and PNG formats

Practical Tools to Enhance Your MasterMap®


Auto Outline

Outline a property’s boundary on MasterMap quickly and accurately.


Additional layers to add to your OS MasterMap including contours, freehold boundaries, building heights and aerial photography.


Automatically fit MasterMap to your desired paper size and scale.


The Rectangle tool selects the portion of MasterMap that you wish to purchase. You can also use the Polygon or Set Area tools for a different shape of mapping.

Save Area

You can save MasterMap search for a future purchase and easy access using the reference name of your choice.

Snap to Point

Snap to point helps to outline a piece of your property accurately on OS MasterMap.

MasterMap’s Different Uses

The Telecoms Surveyor

‘I use MapServe to download the Ordnance Survey Mastermap in CAD format based around the mast site. I also use the preview maps and aerial photography on the site to establish access points for on-site visits.’

The Architect

‘I was previously with Promap but I switched to MapServe which is simple, quick and clear compared to the rest of the providers.’ I mainly order OS MasterMap in DWG format.

The Town Planner

‘I use MapServe's mapping service to download the OS Mastermap in DWG format based around the mast site. I also use the preview maps and aerial photography on the site to establish access points for on-site visits.’

The Transport Planning Consultant

‘I mainly use Mastermap in coloured and black and white DWG formats. I need mapping that covers ± 300 m from the site that I then upload to AutoCAD in order to create the appropriate plans.’

The Arboricultural Consultant

‘I use my integrated tree software to plot the trees and its positions and then I create different layers using the Ordnance Survey MasterMap on AutoCAD to create the reports. The plans that I get from MapServe work in correspondence with the reports that I write to my clients.’

Supported Software

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