• MasterMap®

    A large-scale, professional level, digital topographic map that covers Great Britain, which you can download within seconds. Available as a DXF map and other formats.

  • Freehold Boundaries

    Land Registry ownership boundaries information for freehold properties. Available as an extra layer for your DXF mapping.

  • Building Heights

    Dataset consisting of different height attributes for each building available for the OS MasterMap Topography Layer in CAD format such as DXF mapping.

  • 1m Contours

    Obtain an initial indication of a site's vertical position and characteristics with 1m contours as an extra layer to OS MasterMap DXF maps and other formats.

  • National Tree Map™

    A unique, comprehensive database of location, height and canopy/crown extents for every single tree 3m and above in height, covering the whole of England and Wales. Available for DXF maps and other formats.

  • OS MasterMap® 3D

    A stunning 3D visualisation of buildings and topography providing local urban context. Save time and money on modelling time.

Quick, Accurate and Superbly Designed DXF Maps Covering the UK

  • User friendly mapping service offering DXF maps at competitive prices
  • Complimentary previews of MasterMap®
  • Save up to 22.4% vs. your current provider
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Tools to Help Design Your DXF Mapping


Auto Outline

You can automatically outline your property’s border on your DXF map with just a click.


Choose from a wide variety of professional DXF mapping among other formats.


Make sure your DXF maps have the correct scale, paper size and orientation with the help of the Papersize tool.


Allows you to select the correct area for your DXF maps using the Rectangle, Polygon or Set Area tools from the toolbar.

Save Area

Save an address for future use and easy access.

Snap to Point

Partially outline a feature on your property using the Snap to Point tool.

Multiple Uses of DXF Mapping by Different Customers

The Telecoms Surveyor

David has inspected over 2000 telecom sites over the past 7 years often in hard to access rural locations. He uses MasterMap and aerial photography to establish access points to a site.

The Architect

Leigh is the principal Director of 50° North Architects. They mainly use MasterMap to find out a site’s location, for planning applications, building control and feasibility studies documents, to create site plans, find out about height data and create services & utility plans.

The Town Planner

Stuart is a Regional Director and Town Planning Consultant. He mainly uses MasterMap, aerial photography, listed building information and the National Tree Map in various formats for a wide range of tasks such as certificates of lawfulness.

The Transport Planning Consultant

Myles is the owner and Director of McGregor Traffic Solutions LTD. He mainly uses MasterMap to make sure that access to a construction site is suitable, that it applies to all appropriate guidelines, building standards and local council guidelines.

The Arboricultural Consultant

Robert is the Director and Owner of RG Tree Ltd, a company that offers tree mapping services, surveying and arboricultural consultancy. He surveys an array of landsites, so he needs accurate up to date mapping to create his reports.

Supported Software

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