Landscape architects rely on Ordnance Survey maps to provide key insights for useful and balanced designs.

02 Jan 2024

An case study explaining how MapServe® facilitates an architecture studio in generating feasibility and massing studies without the requirement for a measured survey.

22 Dec 2023

How maps are used at every stage of the RIBA Plan of Works, aiding in design formulation, local authorities' submissions, and the preparation of reports on site safety, sustainability, and maintenance.

13 Dec 2023

A case study showcasing how MapServe® supported a Welsh architect in the development of site plans & feasibility studies.

27 Nov 2023

A case study exploring how MapServe® assisted an architect in creating feasibility studies & initial site analysis.

23 Nov 2023

All you need to know about an architectural site analysis.

06 Nov 2023

How mapping is used to gain a better understanding of the local environment, infrastructure, and resources in order to design more sustainable and energy-efficient buildings.

24 Apr 2023

Architects use 3D maps for a variety of applications such as spatial research, shadow analysis and massing studies.

24 Feb 2023

How an architect saved over £250 of additional mapping fees and time on his latest project using MapServe®'s 3D MasterMap®.

13 Feb 2023