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“I find the Mapserve system very easy to use and the additional information layers are extremely useful. The plans I purchase are competitivley priced and available quickly.
Really can't fault the service I get from Mapserve.”
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How You’ll Benefit From MapServe®

Obtaining professional mapping shouldn’t be a complicated and expensive experience.
MapServe® gives you a range of mapping options that you can easily download in a couple of minutes.

Free to view MasterMap®
Free to view MasterMap®
Download in a few minutes
Download in a few minutes
CAD, GML, PDF & PNG formats
CAD, GML, PDF & PNG formats
Black & white and colour options
Black & white and colour options
Save up to 27% vs. other suppliers
Save up to 27% vs. other suppliers
Powerful tools for outlining, etc
Powerful mapping tools
Preview before ordering
Preview before ordering
Updated every 6 weeks
Updated every 6 weeks


Our version of the Ordnance Survey’s flagship large scale professional map of all built and natural features in Great Britain, with more than 500 million real world objects featuring:

  • Up to 67 layers of geographical information giving you styling control to a granular level
  • Obvious & intuitive layer names plus the ability to select layer groups e.g. all water features, means faster working
  • Updated every 6 weeks
  • Colour or black & white options
  • Available in PDF or PNG, for CAD (e.g. DWG / DXF) and GIS format (GML)
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MasterMap preview

1m Contours

Our 1m contours allow you to quickly assess your project’s topography.

  • Accurate portrayal of the land's topography covering England and Wales
  • Aligns perfectly with OS MasterMap®
  • Updated yearly
  • Available as a CAD file including DWG and DXF
  • Derived from the Environment Agency's Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) study
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1m Contours map preview

Freehold Boundaries

Land registry freehold boundaries as an optional CAD layer to easily determine ownership of a property.

  • Offered as an extra layer with MasterMap® so you can see the geographic and legal freehold boundary
  • Features a reference number to allow the ownership to be looked up
  • Regularly updated directly from the Land Registry
  • Available in CAD formats (DWG and DXF) and GIS format (GML)
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Freehold Boundaries map preview

Building Heights

Shows the indicative building heights for most of the UK.

  • Offered as 6 extra layers within MasterMap® so you can see the building heights overlaid on the map
  • Includes 6 measurements such as the highest point of the building and the base rood height
  • Regularly updated directly from the Ordnance Survey
  • Available in CAD formats (DWG and DXF) and GIS format (GML)
  • Please note the heights should only be used as a guide and we recommend an on-site survey is undertaken for more accurate measurement
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Building Heights map preview

National Tree Map™

The National Tree Map™ is the most detailed dataset of location, height and canopy/crown extents for every single tree 3m and above in height, across England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Offered as 8 extra layers within MasterMap® so you can see the trees overlaid on the map
  • Includes the tree area, centroid, circumference, height (maximum / mean / standard deviation), perimeter, a simplified tree outline and the actual outline of the tree as an irregular polygon
  • Updated on a 3 year rolling basis
  • Available in CAD formats (DWG and DXF) and GIS format (GML)
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 map preview

Old Mapping

A range of old mapping, some only recently available in digital format and some offering incredible levels of detail such as the building usage and business name at the time.

  • Dating from the 1870s to the 1970s
  • Scale from 1:480
  • Available in colour
  • Comes with a ‘world’ file to allow geolocation of the map within CAD or GIS software
  • Date key for accurate dating of the mapping
  • Available in high quality raster JPG format
Old Mapping preview

Many Customers, Many Uses

The Telecoms Surveyor

‘I need to find access points to the mast before the site visit and also to look up nearby premises that need to be notified of works and prepare electromagnetic field reports that help clients establish safe working practices around telecom apparatus.’

The Architect

‘We use plans from MapServe on various aspects of our business such as to find out a site’s location, for planning applications and feasibility studies documents. We also create site plans, find out about height data and create services and utility plans.’

The Town Planner

‘We use mapping for a wide range of tasks such as planning applications, checking planning constraints and planning precedents in a given area and certificates of lawfulness/lawful use, which we can use as evidence including aerial photos and mapping.’

The Transport Planning Consultant

‘I need to make sure that access to a construction site is appropriate and efficient, that it applies to all appropriate guidelines, building standards and local council guidelines. I also need to figure out how to provide access to existing highway networks.’

The Arboricultural Consultant

‘My business takes me across the country, and I survey a large range of landsites, so I need accurate mapping. The sites vary as well as the range of different plans that I need for example large residential estates, so I need maps covering up to 4000 ha.’

Mapping Tools

Maps That Work With How You Work

Our mapping will work with a large range of CAD, GIS and graphics software including AutoCAD.