Frequently Asked Questions

Here are most of our frequently asked questions. Please check these before contacting us

Q. I can't see the map I've ordered, what's happened?
A. There maybe a number of possible reasons for this, including that you many have zoomed out too far for it to be visible. A good test is to upload your DWG or DXF file to this free Autodesk viewer to check the map file is okay.

Q. How do I obtain the mapping?
A. Simple, . You’ll then need to enter the location you’re searching for. Next you’ll see a preview of the location shown on a map. Follow the instructions to download the mapping you need in a variety of format options.

Q. I need just need a planning map, how do I get one?
A. We offer planning maps via our site which may be your fastest option.

Q. Can I see the mapping before ordering?
A. Yes we offer a free preview that allows you to ensure correctly selected the location you want. Note that the free map views are limited so please ensure you use them carefully.

Q. How much do the maps cost?
A. You can see sample map prices here however you’ll see pricing for every combination of mapping and licencing once you’ve registered.

Q. Which account option is best for me?
A. If you’re main priority is saving money and you use mapping in large volumes then going for then the ‘MapServe™ Professional’ account may be the best option. ‘MapServe™ Pay-As-You-Go’ may suit lower volume ad hoc use. See the pricing page for a more detailed comparison.

Q. Do the maps feature a north arrow and scale?
A. Yes our plans feature a north arrow and scale.

Q. Can I print the maps out?
A. Yes you can and in all the most popular sizes and formats. Options and pricing can be seen once you’re registered.

Q. How long does it take to obtain the mapping?
A . You can order and download the mapping within minutes, 24 hours a day.

Q. Why hasn’t the map printed at the right scale?
A. If you’ve downloaded a PDF, check your printer to ensure it’s set to print at 100% scale. If it is then scaling issues will be down to the original mapping provided by the Ordnance Survey. Please contact them directly about this as we cannot edit the maps.

Q. What happens if I my make a mistake?
A. We can refund the order however we may deduct a 30% fee to cover the Ordnance Survey royalty charges and administration costs. It is important to check before ordering that the correct area, map type and licencing is selected.

Q. How often is your mapping updated?
A. We get map updates from the Ordnance Survey every 6 weeks. We then immediately update our site. If you feel the mapping is out of date please contact the Ordnance Survey directly.