• MasterMap®

    Functional map view from small to large scales with a consistent cartographic representation from buildings to roads, paths, railways, woodland and more. Download instantly in multiple formats including CAD suitable for site plans.

  • Freehold Boundaries

    This extra layer, which is updated on a regular basis based on Land Registry data, depicts the locations of freehold registered properties in England and Wales. It is available in DWG and DXF formats to compliment your site plans.

  • Building Heights

    Building outlines and associated height information for millions of buildings. Available in CAD and GIS formats and updated regularly by the Ordnance Survey to help create your site plans.

  • 1m Contours

    Accurate, high density complete contour dataset created from surveys of the Environmental Agency representing the physical shape of the landscape for your site plans in DWG and DXF formats.

  • National Tree Map™

    The National Tree Map, which covers the entire country of England and Wales, is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive database of location, height, and canopy/crown extents for trees 3m and taller.

  • OS MasterMap® 3D

    A stunning 3D visualisation of buildings and topography providing local urban context. Save time and money on modelling time.

Site Plans for the Professional from £15.19

  • Mastermap, contours, freehold boundaries, building heights in DWG, DXF, PDF & more
  • Save versus your current supplier including free views of MasterMap®
  • Up to 67 layers of detail
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Practical Mapping Tools for your site plans


Auto Outline

Swiftly define property ownership boundaries or a feature on your site plans.


Find a wide selection of professional mapping in various formats such as DWG to prepare your site plans.


Verify that your site plans fit perfectly to a particular scale, paper size, and orientation, including landscape or portrait.


Using the Rectangle tool can help define your map area. Polygon and Set Area are two other features to assist you with different shapes of site plans.

Save Area

Save a particular area with a reference phrase of your choosing for potential use in the future.

Snap to Point

To outline a part of the property on you site plans use the Snap to Point tool.

How each customer uses his site plans

The Telecoms Surveyor

David uses Mapserve’s mapping service to access OS MasterMap in DWG format focused on the mast position. He also uses the website’s preview option and aerial photography to determine access points for on-site visits.

The Architect

Leigh’s office uses MapServe plans for a variety of purposes, including determining the location of a site, planning applications, and building control and feasibility study documents. They also require it to create site plans, obtain height data, and create service and utility plans.

The Town Planner

Stuart prefers MapServe because it provides a quick, easy-to-navigate, and convenient service for planning applications, master plans, certificates of lawfulness and lawful use and planning precedents.

The Transport Planning Consultant

Myles must ensure that access to a construction site is convenient and safe and that all applicable guidelines, building standards, and local council guidelines are respected. He also uses topography maps in DWG format to determine access to transport networks.

The Arboricultural Consultant

Robert surveys a wide variety of land and uses mapping for every job that he does. The sites vary, as do the various plans that he requires such as MasterMap in DWG format. He largely works with large residential plots of land and prefers maps that cover up to 4000 hectares.

The Structural Engineer

'I use MapServe®'s MasterMap® in black and white CAD format with the addition of 1m contour lines a lot. The contour lines help with the sites to determine if I need to create retaining walls or any other support mechanism and just to understand the ground profile.'

Supported Software

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