1m contours available to order with OS MasterMap®

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An accurate portrayal of the land's topography covering England, Wales and a large part of Scotland. Available as an additional layer to OS MasterMap® in CAD format (DWG/DXF). The dataset is derived from the Environment Agency's Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) study.

Coverage: Great Britain
Formats: CAD (DWG & DXF)
Options: Colour, black & white
Printable scales: 1:100 – 1:10,000
Stated accuracy: Urban +/- 1m, rural +/- 2.5m, moorland / mountain +/- 8m
Updates: Yearly
Delivery: Within seconds of ordering
Licence options: 12 months (other options available on request)
Projection: OSGB36 geodetic datum using Transverse Mercator projection
Grid: British National Grid

What is a contour line on a plan?
Contour lines are the thin red-brown lines drawn on a map that connect points of similar elevation above sea level, implying that if you physically followed a contour line, the elevation (height of the land) would remain constant. They show elevation and the landscape’s shape.

How often are the 1m contours updated?
1m contours are updated yearly.

How many meters is a contour?
Our contour layer shows elevation contour lines at 1-metre intervals.

Can Google maps show contour lines?
Follow this step-by-step guide to find out how to show contour lines on google maps.

What format are the contours lines offered in?
The contours are offered as an additional layer to DWG and DXF files.

Where can I use 1m contours?
Contours are used for a wide range of activities, including disaster preparedness, urban planning, architectural design, resource development, and surveying, as well as camping, hunting or fishing.

What are the 3 types of contour lines?
There are 3 kinds of contour lines you’ll see on a map: intermediate, index, and supplementary. You can read more about it here.

How do you read contours?
Contour lines connect locations with the same elevation: if they are near together (they never intersect), the elevation changes quickly in a short distance and the landscape is steep. Elevation changes slowly if contour lines are spaced widely apart, indicating a smooth slope.

Can I preview 1m contours?
1m contours are not available for preview. You can download samples here.

Which software do I need to view 1m contours?
DWG and DXF files require CAD software (free viewer here Autodesk Viewer).

OS MasterMap® with 1m contours DWG
OS MasterMap® with 1m contours DXF

Practical Tools to Enhance Your MasterMap®


Auto Outline

Outline a property’s boundary on MasterMap quickly and accurately.


Additional layers to add to your OS MasterMap including contours, freehold boundaries, building heights and aerial photography.


Automatically fit MasterMap to your desired paper size and scale.


The Rectangle tool selects the portion of MasterMap that you wish to purchase. You can also use the Polygon or Set Area tools for a different shape of mapping.

Save Area

You can save MasterMap search for a future purchase and easy access using the reference name of your choice.

Snap to Point

Snap to point helps to outline a piece of your property accurately on OS MasterMap.

MasterMap’s Different Uses

The Telecoms Surveyor

‘I use MapServe to download the Ordnance Survey Mastermap in CAD format based around the mast site. I also use the preview maps and aerial photography on the site to establish access points for on-site visits.’

The Architect

‘I was previously with Promap but I switched to MapServe which is simple, quick and clear compared to the rest of the providers.’ I mainly order OS MasterMap in DWG format.

The Town Planner

‘I use MapServe's mapping service to download the OS Mastermap in DWG format based around the mast site. I also use the preview maps and aerial photography on the site to establish access points for on-site visits.’

The Transport Planning Consultant

‘I mainly use Mastermap in coloured and black and white DWG formats. I need mapping that covers ± 300 m from the site that I then upload to AutoCAD in order to create the appropriate plans.’

The Arboricultural Consultant

‘I use my integrated tree software to plot the trees and its positions and then I create different layers using the Ordnance Survey MasterMap on AutoCAD to create the reports. The plans that I get from MapServe work in correspondence with the reports that I write to my clients.’

Supported Software

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