How MapServe® Helps an Architect Create Feasibility Studies

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SK Architecture, led by owner and director Joe Steele, is a cutting-edge architectural firm with a focus on new construction projects, remodeling, and extensions. While their headquarters are situated in Peterborough, their services extend to Stamford, London, and various locations across the United Kingdom. The company is dedicated to delivering innovative designs and solutions for a wide range of architectural needs, making them a great choice for clients seeking modern and impactful spaces.

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Joe Steele, director


''Typically we use mapping to start our initial feasibility studies to look at what we can achieve from a site prior to visiting and prior to any kind of more formal, detailed, measured surveys of the site and then secondly we use the mapping to create site location plans and existing and proposed site block plans and detailed site plans. We use the data to figure out the site layout and things like amenity space, car parking, bin storage, bike storage, and the maps serve as the foundation of all of that.''

How I use MapServe®

''My workflow is that I typically take a postcode from my site, I paste it onto MapServe® , where it's nice and easy to download a map so I type in my postcode, find my site, grab an area of it, add it to my basket. My card details are already registered on the website and the map downloads straight away for me. I then save that to the project's folder and I then import that into the software I use, Revit and then I can explode that and which allows me to manipulate the data and then I add any information I need to onto it.''  

Why MapServe®

''The interface is nice and easy. If you're buying mapping data a lot for planning applications it's a case of making a quite tedious task as easy as it can and I've just found, having used a few different ones, that MapServe® is by far the best for that.''  

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