How MapServe® Helps an Architect Prepare Site Plans

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Pensaernïaeth Williams Architecture is a progressive architectural firm located in Llanelli, Wales. It embraces forward-thinking design principles. They offer architectural services across South West Wales, catering to individual homeowners, builders, and property developers in areas such as Llanelli, Swansea, Carmarthenshire, and Pembrokeshire.

.                  Liam Williams photo, director of Pensaernïaeth Williams Architecture

Liam Williams photo, director of Pensaernïaeth Williams Architecture


''I use MapServe® to prepare site context plans and early feasibility to help clients understand what they can achieve and to get a better context of the surrounding area, before we even start to look at a concept we can see what's available around us.

How I use MapServe®

''We use MapServe® to download DWG to allow us to prepare site plans and location plans for planning applications and building control applications.''  

Why MapServe®

''I use MapServe® for the ease of use of the service and the fact we can buy on a one-off basis rather than entering in an annual subscription. It is really handy for us and what we need.''  

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