How to Create a PNG Map with Freehold Boundaries in AutoCAD

Written by Stefani Mavrou on

Download freehold boundaries for your map

Hello. Today, I'll demonstrate how to create an OS map in PNG format that includes our freehold boundaries layer. Begin by logging into your MapServe® account and selecting the address you wish to preview. Use the rectangle tool to designate the area you would like to purchase. Once you’re happy with your selection, add freehold boundaries as an additional layer to OS MasterMap® in CAD format. Proceed by adding the selection to your basket and ensuring its accuracy before proceeding to checkout. Upon checkout, you'll be directed to a page where you can download your CAD map within seconds.

Next, open AutoCAD and access the CAD file containing the map for export. Navigate to your desired map area, using the zoom and pan tools for adjustments if you do not wish for the whole map to be included. Optionally, disable grid lines by turning the layer off if you prefer. Once satisfied with the layout, click on the command area here below and type ‘PNGOUT’. Specify the output location, select the destination folder, and modify the file name if desired. Confirm the save action to generate the PNG image. Following completion of the export process, confirm the creation of the PNG file in the designated output folder. Your PNG image is now ready.