How to Create a PNG Map with Building Heights in AutoCAD

Written by Stefani Mavrou on

Download building heights for your map

Hello! Today, I'll guide you through creating an OS map in PNG format that includes building heights. Let's get started: Log into your MapServe® account and pick the address you want to preview. Use one of the selection tools on the toolbar above the map preview such as the rectangle tool, to mark out the area you're interested in. Once you're satisfied with your selection, add building heights as an extra layer to OS MasterMap® in CAD format. Make sure that either DWG or DXF format is selected as the additional layers are only available in CAD. Add your selection to the basket and proceed to checkout. After checkout, you'll find your CAD map ready for download in just a few seconds.

Now, onto AutoCAD, open AutoCAD and access the CAD file with the map you want to export. Navigate to the desired map area, adjusting with zoom and pan tools as needed to focus on specific parts. If you don't want all of the building heights layers or the grid lines included, you can turn off the layers you don’t wish to show like so. Once your layout looks good, head to the command area and type 'PNGOUT'. Specify where you want the PNG image to go, choose the destination folder, and tweak the file name if necessary. Confirm the save action to create your PNG image. Once the export is done, check the designated folder for your new PNG file. Your PNG image, complete with building heights, is now good to go!