An Introduction to MapServe®'s Professional Account

Written by Tom Samuels on

An introductory video on how to quickly order your Ordnance Survey maps from MapServe®.

With a 'Professional' account you get:

A discount with every map that you purchase and the option to choose how to pay monthly

  1. by BACS transfer
  2. via a stored card
  3. via Direct Debit (using a service called GoCardless).

Our Price list shows the difference in pricing between a Professional and a 'Pay as You Go' account. You also get additional previews of MasterMap® versus the standard 'Pay as You Go' option. There is a charge of £99+VAT per year for the account. The following video explains how to place an order on MapServe® when in a Professional Account. 

Access Ordnance Survey mapping here


Welcome to MapServe®, the home of the UK's most detailed, professional maps. To search for a location enter the details here. You can search by postcode, a six-figure easting and northing, OS grid reference, or latitude and longitude. I am going to use a postcode. If you've entered a postcode, next select the address and if you have a login please enter it here. Next, you'll see the map covering the location that you have searched for. You can move it by clicking the mouse key down and dragging it like so and you can zoom in and zoom out. MasterMap® is the most detailed mapping available but we have other maps available to view on this drop-down menu. To select an area to download there are a number of tools here. For example the rectangle tool works by clicking once in the top left of the area you want holding the mouse key down and dragging down to the bottom right as shown here. Once you've done this you'll see a menu appear on the left showing available maps top of the list is MasteMap® but there are others that you can see below here. There are other tools here that allow us to select an area, like Papersize, if you need the map to fit a set paper size when printing. Set area for an area of a certain size. Set extents if you know the top-left and bottom-right coordinates and Polygon, to draw an irregular shape. There is also a buffer that allows you to add an area around a selected shape. There are also tools to draw on the map and measure. However, these will not appear on the CAD format maps, only PDF and PNG. You can see a number of formats available from MasterMap® in this drop-down menu including those for CAD at the top. Our most popular is the DWG black and white standard option which has all the key layers, but we have other options including color and a pro version with all layers split out for complete formatting control. Once you're happy with the area and format, click ''add to basket'', then check out. At this stage, you can assign the order to an existing project, or create a new one. Next, make sure the payment is set to ''pay on monthly bill'' and click pay. The order will now generate. Click here to download the file you've ordered and open it in your CAD software. We hope this helps.