How to Export Mapping in PDF and PNG in 2 Minutes

Written by Stefani Mavrou on

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Today I'm going to show you how to save your DWG map as a PDF. To save your drawing as a PDF in AutoCAD, follow these simple steps. First, open your drawing in AutoCAD. Next, use the 'exportPDF' command in the command line. Simply type 'exportPDF' in the command line and press enter. Alternatively, you can navigate to the file menu located in the top left corner of the AutoCAD window. From the drop-down menu select export to PDF. Another way is to click on the plot
button here. You can choose the file size from the menu, orientation and plot size. Again, you can change the settings of your PDF file from the menu here. Specify the file name and the location where you want to save the PDF, then click on 'Save'.
Press enter or click on 'save' to save the PDF. Once completed your AutoCAD drawing will be saved as a PDF file in the specified location, ready to be opened using any PDF viewer.

Saving your drawing as a PNG or JPEG file in AutoCAD is easy, so here's how you can do it. Start again by opening your drawing in AutoCAD. Then go to the command section at the bottom of the page. You need to type in JPGOUT for JPEG export or PNGOUT for a PNG file. You can change the name of the file as you wish here and then you select the destination folder and then click save. That's it. Your AutoCAD drawing will now be saved as a PNG file in the specified location ready to be opened and viewed using any image viewer or editing software.

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