8 Sources for Free DWG Files

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If you are an architect, a student architect or an engineer wanting to get free CAD files for your new project you are on the right page. We have curated a list of 8 key websites that give free CAD models of industrial parts from all over the internet to help you progress in your sourcing process.

CAD design files are the contemporary equivalent of drafting paper and pencils, but their applications extend far beyond basic design. A CAD model enables someone to view a part in three dimensions, including any intricate characteristics that would be impossible to express in a two-dimensional sketch. CAD files are also important since they may be combined with other components in a simulation. In computer software, a user may put together a model of a part they want to buy with other parts in a way that a sketch cannot. This enables them to understand how parts will interact in an assembly, saving time and development expenses as well as possible errors and difficulties later in the assembly process. You can always pay for DWG maps to get the best quality and upto date mapping, such as on MapServe.

The latest OS maps in DWG format are available here

1. DWG Models

A community of architects, designers, manufacturers, and students created this useful CAD library of high-quality and one-of-a-kind DWG blocks. You can download free AutoCAD drawings of furniture, automobiles, people, architectural components, and symbols from this database.

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2. DWG Download

Thousands of free DWG models in AutoCAD DWG format categorised by topic tags. These are suitable for AutoCAD 2007 and later versions. 

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3. Thomas

An extensive CAD file collection that includes over 10 million models of industrial parts from recognised catalogs. The files can be searched alphabetically by part name or by catalog company name.

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4. TraceParts

TraceParts specialises on 3D digital engineering content. They offer product configurators, electronic catalogues, and a free CAD component library, as well as 805 lists with over 111 million units. They provide 3D models and CAD files, as well as two-dimensional drawings, for applications such as MCAD, ECAD, CAE, and BIM.

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5. 3D Content Central

Parts and assemblies, as well as injection casting materials, are all represented in their CAD files. Users can also upload files that are not available on the website.

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6. GrabCAD

A CAD file-sharing service for engineers, designers, manufacturers, and architecture students with over 3.8 million files ranging from single units to whole machines and architectural models, compatible with most well-known software.

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7. Part Community

Users can submit and share their own designs. Their CAD catalogues include mechanical and electrical part models, as well as BIM and architectural models.

Where Can I Download Free DWG Files?

8. DWG Free

An extensive library of CAD models, including trees, home parts, transport models and people.

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