How MapServe® Helps a Utility Company Create Detailed Utility Reports

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Tom Coulson is a mapping professional with over 20 years of experience in map production, GIS, cartography, graphic design, typography and project management. He currently works at Premier Energy Services Ltd, an independent utility consultancy specialising in utility searches, procurement of new utility connections and utility diversions, site research, and utility drawings, available at all phases of any construction or infrastructure project. 

Premier Energy Services Ltd is based in West Sussex and has been a client of MapServe® since early 2021. 

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‘We order a utility search which returns records from utility companies and we transpose that information to our drawings. This creates a map compilation and rather than having to go through a multi-page report, the clients can access all the information using an interactive PDF, DWG or SHP file. ’

How I use MapServe®?

‘We buy b&w standard DWG format of OS MasterMap® to use on our projects. We create the PALM (Premier Asset Layered Map), which is a multi-layered interactive utility map that builds a detailed picture of utility information in a selected area. The PALM is built up on an OS MasterMap® background map. All the maps that are returned from the utility companies use MasterMap®, so we purchase a DWG MasterMap® to use as a base map.’

Why MapServe®

I think MapServe® is excellent. It is the easiest to use and so quick. When I was looking for a supplier I tried a couple but then I found MapServe® and it was really quick and easy. The speed of delivery and instant download of the plans is really good. We also did a price comparison when looking for a supplier.’

Tom Coulson, CAD and Mapping Manager at Premier Energy Services Ltd

Tom Coulson, CAD and Mapping Manager at Premier Energy Services Ltd


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