149 New Land and Property Classifications Available on OS Maps

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The Ordnance Survey have just updated their most detailed mapping with far more detail on land and property use. The mapping formerly called 'MasterMap' is now part of the National Geographic Database project (also called 'NGD'). There are now 360 classifications of land and property as shown, ranging related to business, leisure, governmental, local authority, military, agriculture, infrastructure to private residences. We've added an additional column showing an alternative commonly used name to help with finding the appropriate classification. 

MapServe will shortly make available these land and property use classifications available as a CAD layer to order. These classifications have particular benefit if you're an architect, surveyor or planner. From able to make a better case for a building's change of use, using them in Design and Access statements to use in planning applications, these land and property classifications should make life far easier.

Original Name
Commonly Used Name
Ambulance Station EMS Base
Animal Treatment Site Veterinary Clinic
Community Meeting Place Community Centre
Leisure Or Sports Centre Sports Complex
Attraction Or Leisure Site Tourist Attraction, Theme Park
Cycling Sports Facility Velodrome
Electricity Distribution Site Electrical Substation
Public Recycling Site Recycling Centre
School Educational Institution
Ferry Vehicular Terminal Ferry Port, Ferry Terminal
Multi-Purpose Community Site Community Centre
Caravan Site RV Park
Art Gallery Art Museum
Prison Correctional Facility
Amenity And Open Space Site Public Park, Open Space
Football Ground (Spectating) Football Stadium
Hotel Lodging, Hotel Accommodation
Inshore Rescue Boat Station Coast Guard Station
Airport With Scheduled Services Commercial Airport
Private Residential Site Housing Development
Military Accommodation Site Barracks, Military Housing
Cemetery Burial Ground, Graveyard
Playing Field Sports Field, Athletic Field
Public Park Or Garden Park
Balancing Pond Retention Pond
Social Care Services Site Social Services Centre
Chapel Place of Worship
Tourist Information Centre Visitor Information Centre
Power Station Power Plant
Communal Residential Site Housing Community
Skateboard Park Skate Park
Farm Site Agricultural Farm
University Sports Or Exercise Facility University Sports Centre, Campus Gymnasium
Retail Complex Shopping Centre, Mall
Rugby Pitch Or Ground (Participation) Rugby Field, Rugby Ground
Military Site Military Base, Army Camp
Retail Site Shopping Centre, Retail Outlet
Arts Centre Art Gallery
University  Campus 
Central Government Services Government Office, Government Centre
Training Site Training Facility
Outdoor Activity Centre Adventure Park, Outdoor Recreation Centre
Park And Ride Car Park Transportation Hub, Parking Facility
Medical Care Site Medical Facility, Clinic
Horse Racing Or Breeding Stables Racetrack, Equestrian Centre
Biogas Power Station Renewable Energy Plant, Biogas Facility
Mosque Islamic Center, Place of Worship
Docks Dockyard, Harbour
Amusement Park Theme Park, Funfair
Local Government Site Government Office, Municipal Centre
HM Coastguard Station Coast Guard Station
Water Monitoring Station Environmental Monitoring Station
Sports Pavilion Sports Facility, Athletic Pavilion
Cathedral Church, Religious Building
Athletics Ground Athletic Stadium, Track and Field Facility
Swimming Pool Pool
Waste Water Treatment Works Sewage Treatment Plant, Wastewater Facility
Heating Plant Heating Station, Heat Generation Plant
Medical Care Accommodation Healthcare Facility, Medical Centre
Religious Community Site Place of Worship, Religious Centre
Paddling Pool Wading Pool, Kiddie Pool
Riding Stables Equestrian Centre, Horse Riding Facility
Ice Rink Ice Skating Arena
Football Stadium Soccer Stadium, Soccer Field
Manufacturing Site Industrial Plant, Factory
Library Library, Information Centre
Recreational Or Social Club Social Club, Recreation Centre
Telephone Exchange Telecom Exchange, Switching Station
Police Station Police Department, Law Enforcement Office
Rugby Ground (Spectating) Rugby Stadium, Rugby Field
Bowls Site Bowling Green, Lawn Bowling Facility
Golf Driving Range Golf Range, Golf Practice Facility
Allotments Community Gardens, Garden Plots
Public Convenience Public Toilet, Public Restroom
Ski Centre Ski Resort, Ski Area
Horticulture Botanical Garden Botanical Garden, Horticultural Park
Electricity Sub Station Electrical Substation, Transformer Station
Car Cleaning Site Car Wash
Museum Museum, Art Gallery
Public House Pub, Tavern, Bar
Vehicle Repair Garage Car Repair Shop, Car Garage
Church Place of Worship, Religious Building
Children's Nursery Daycare Centre, Preschool
Abattoir Slaughterhouse, Meat Processing Plant
Conference Or Exhibition Centre Convention Centre, Conference Venue
Recreation Ground Recreational Area, Open Space
Filling Station Gas Station, Fueling Station
Water Distribution Site Water Treatment Plant, Water Supply Station
Marina Boat Harbour, Marina Facility
Business Or Industrial Park Industrial Park, Business Park
Solar Power Site Solar Farm, Photovoltaic Power Plant
Fire Station Fire Department, Emergency Response Centre
Golf Course Golf Course, Golf Club
University College, Higher Education Institution
School Place Of Worship Religious School, Worship Centre
Hospice Palliative Care Centre
Police Support Site Police Training Facility
Tourist Attraction Tourist Destination, Visitor Attraction
Airfield Airstrip, Runway
Post Office Mail Centre, Postal Service
Hydroelectric Power Generating Hydroelectric Plant, Power Generation Facility
Flood Or Water Controlling Site Flood Control Facility, Dam
Service Area Rest Stop, Service Plaza
Observing Station Observation Facility, Research Station
Dairy Processing Site Dairy Plant, Milk Processing Facility
Construction Site Building Site, Construction Area
Camping And Caravanning Site Campground, RV Park
Health Centre Healthcare Centre, Medical Clinic
Picnic Area Picnic Site, Picnic Ground
Theatre Theatre, Performing Arts Centre
Quarry Stone Quarry, Mining Site
Gas Governor Gas Regulation Station, Control Valve
Bus Station Bus Terminal, Intermodal Transport Hub
Cycle Hire Station Bike Rental Station, Bicycle Rental Hub
Holiday Accommodation Vacation Rental, Holiday Lodging
Rugby Stadium Rugby Field, Rugby Ground
Distribution Or Storage Site Storage Facility, Warehouse
Curling Rink Curling Arena, Ice Sports Facility
Football Ground (Participation) Football Field, Soccer Field
Railway Station Train Station, Railroad Station
Water Treatment Site Water Purification Plant, Treatment Facility
Art Gallery And Library And Museum Cultural Centre, Arts and History Complex
Law Court Courthouse, Judicial Building
Public Waste Disposal site Waste Management Facility, Landfill
Public Car Park Parking Lot, Parking Facility
Police Headquarters Police Department Headquarters, HQ
Military Reserves Site Reserve Training Centre, Army Reserve Base
Industry And Business Site Industrial Zone, Business Park
Steel Works Steel Plant, Steel Manufacturing Facility
Cricket Ground (Participation) Cricket Field, Cricket Ground
College Higher Education Institution, University
Kingdom Hall Religious Meeting Place, Worship Hall
Crematorium Crematory, Funeral Home
Commercial Hostel Budget Accommodation, Hostel
Visitor Information Centre Tourist Information Centre, Visitor Centre
Amusement And Show Place Site Entertainment Venue, Showground
Synagogue Jewish Temple, Place of Worship
Youth Recreational Or Social Club Youth Centre, Youth Club
Pumping Station Pump Station, Water Pumping Facility
Play Area Playground, Recreational Area
Youth Hostel Hostel, Budget Accommodation
Sports Or Exercise Facility Fitness Center, Gym
Gas Distribution Or Storage Site Gas Facility, Gas Storage Facility
Unclassified Site Unspecified Site, Unknown Location
Religious Meeting Place Place of Worship, Worship Venue
Hospital Medical Centre, Healthcare Facility
Tennis Site Tennis Court, Tennis Facility
Go-Kart Track Go-Kart Race Track