How an Arboricultural Consultant uses MapServe

Robert Goode is the Director and Owner of RG Tree Ltd, a company that offers tree mapping services and surveying and arboricultural consultancy. He covers the South and Southeast of England.


‘My business takes me across the country, and I survey a large range of landsites so I need accurate mapping. I use maps for every job that I do, the sites vary as well as the range of different plans that I need. I work mostly with large residential estates and I need maps covering up to 4000 hectares.’

How I use Mapserve?

‘Before going on site I purchase a plan and download it on my survey tablet which has embedded survey software with built in GPS. I then use my integrated tree software to plot the trees and its positions and then I create different layers on AutoCAD to create the reports. The plans that I get from MapServe work in correspondence with the reports that I write to my clients.’

Why Mapserve

‘The reason I use MapServe is because the prices are competitive compared to other providers and also for its simplicity. I can quickly and easily find what I need and I never had any issues. The maps are regularly updated as per Ordnance Survey standards with accurate and to scale drawings.’