How a Transport Planning Consultant uses MapServe

Myles McGregor is the owner and Director of McGregor Traffic Solutions LTD. His company covers the whole UK but mainly Scotland and North of England


‘I need to make sure that access to a construction site is appropriate and efficient, that it applies to all appropriate guidelines, building standards and local council guidelines. I also need to view topography maps and figure out how to provide access to existing highway networks as well as the adequacy of access to a site.’

How I use Mapserve?

‘I mainly use the Mastermap in coloured and black and white DWG formats. I need mapping that covers ± 300 m from the site that I then upload to AutoCAD in order to create the appropriate plans.’

Why Mapserve

‘I have been with MapServe since starting my own company and I knew it from my previous work. I know and trust the website; it is reasonably priced, and I see no reason to move. It is quick and the mapping is ready within seconds. There is also excellent customer service and they have been very helpful if there is a problem very quickly.’