How a Telecoms Surveyor uses MapServe

David Powell works as an associate Director at Cell:cm who has over 350 clients and controls approximately 4000 mobile network base stations in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Their clients range from farmers with single mast sites to pension funds with portfolios of urban roof top telecoms lettings, as well as other organisations such as local authorities, police forces, sports clubs, universities and hospital trusts. Cell:cm only represents landowners in the telecoms/electronic communications sector. David has inspected over 2000 telecom sites over the past 7 years often in hard to access rural locations.


‘I need to find access points to the mast before the site visit. I also need to look up nearby premises that need to be notified of works and prepare EMF reports (electromagnetic field) that help clients establish safe working practices around telecom apparatus.’

How I use Mapserve?

‘I use MapServe's mapping service to download the OS Mastermap in DWG format based around the mast site. I also use the preview maps and aerial photography on the site to establish access points for on site visits.’